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Research Areas


Current Research Projects

Understanding African Real Estate Markets (Book Chapter); Housing Finance Strategies; Ghana Housing Market Overview (Book Chapter); Advance Rent Dynamics in Ghana; Covid19 and unregulated housing markets.


Selected Publications (

Ehwi R.J, Asante, L.A. and Gavu, E.K. (2021) Towards a well-informed rental housing policy in Ghana: differentiating between critics and non-critics of the rent advance system, International Journal of Housing Markets and Analysis, Vol. ahead-of-print No. ahead-of-print.

Gavu, E.K. (2020) Conceptualizing Rental Housing Market Structure in Ghana, Housing Policy Debate,

Akinsomi, O., Gavu, E.K. and Odunsi, T. (2020). Organisers’ Announcement: Future Leaders of the African Real Estate Society. Journal of African Real Estate Research, 5(2), pp.1-14. DOI: 10.15641/jarer.v5i2.990

Gavu, E.K. and Owusu-Ansah, A. (2019) Empirical analysis of residential submarket conceptualisation in Ghana, International Journal of Housing Markets and Analysis, 12(4) pp.763-787.

Gavu, E.K., Gruehn, D., Schulte, K.-W., & Asante, L. A. (2019). Stakeholders’ perception of residential rental value determinants in Ghana. Journal of African Real Estate Research, 4(1), 45–73.

Asante, L.A., Gavu, E.K., Quansah, D. P. O. and Osei Tutu, D. (2018) The difficult combination of renting and building a house in urban Ghana: analysing the perception of low and middle income earners in Accra, GeoJournal, 83, pp. 1223–1237. doi: 10.1007/s10708-017-9827-2.

Gavu, E.K. (2018) Assessing a Ghanaian University’s Real Estate teaching and learning. Journal of African Real Estate Research, 1(1), pp. 21-38. DOI: 10.15641/jarer.v1i1.492.

Sasu, A., Asante, L.A, and Gavu, E.K. (2016) Physical Access for Persons with Disability in Rented Houses in Kumasi, Ghana: Evidence from Compound Houses in selected Neighbourhoods in the Metropolis, Developing Country Studies, Vol. 6 Num. 3 pp 60 – 75, ISSN 2224-607X (Paper) ISSN 2225-0565 (Online).

Forson, E.K. and Gavu, E.K. (2016) Using Multi Criteria Evaluation in Forest resource conservation in Ghana: spatially identifying vulnerable areas, Rwanda Journal, Series D, Volume 1, 2016, Life and Natural Sciences: Special issue II,

Nyarko, F.J., Ayitey, J.Z., Gavu, E.K. (2015) Evaluation of Home-Equity Financing Option in a Developing Economy, Illustrated with an Example of Ghana. Świat Nieruchomości, 4(94), 23-28 DOI: 10.14659/worej.2015.94.04

Gavu, E.K., Adamu, K. (2015) The Growth and Challenges of Mortgage Origination in Ghana, Świat Nieruchomości, 4(94), 29-36 DOI: 10.14659/worej.2015.94.05

Kidido, J.K, Ayitey, J.Z., Kuusaana, E.D. and Gavu, E.K. (2015) Who is the rightful recipient of mining compensation for land use deprivation in Ghana? The case of Newmont Gold Ghana Limited, Resources Policy, Vol 43 pp 19 – 27




Current Research Projects

1. Does citizen monitoring save public money in Northern Ghana? A project commissioned by SEND-GHANA and funded by Integrity Action (

2. Economic consequences of sustainability

     - Green building literacy and housing outcomes

     - Modelling the value of sustainability in real estate 

3. Modelling the determinants of real estate financial development

     - Institutional and informational frameworks in global mortgage finance development

     - Formal institutional and mortgage finance development in Ghana

     - Cultural effects in mortgage finance development in Ghana

     - Institutional reforms and REITs capital allocation in Ghana

4. Corporate real estate and corporate performance (i.e. banks and listed companies)


Selected Publications (

Donkor-Hyiaman, K.A., Owusu-Manu, D., and Edwards, D. (2020). Pension Reforms, Risk Transfer and Housing Finance Innovations. Journal of Housing and Built Environment. []

Owusu-Manu, D., Edwards, D.J., Donkor-Hyiaman, K.A., Asiedu, R.A., Hosseini, M.R., and Obiri-Yeboah, E. (2019). Housing Attributes and Relative House Prices in Ghana, International Journal of Building Pathology and Adaptation, []

Owusu-Manu, D., Asiedu, O.R., Edwards, D.J., Donkor-Hyiaman, K.A., and Abuntori, P.A., and El-Gohary, H. (2019). Determinants of Mortgage Default Propensity in Ghana. Journal of Engineering, Design and Technology, 

Bondinuba, F.K., Opoku, A., Owusu-Manu, D., and Donkor-Hyiaman, K.A. (2018). Stimulating Growth and Improving the Design and Delivery of Housing Micro-Finance Interventions: An Analysis of Critical Demand Factors. Journal of Facilities Management, 16(3):238-252 []

Donkor-Hyiaman, K.A. and Ghartey, K.N.O. (2017). Legal Origins and Mortgage Finance Contradictions. International Journal of Housing Markets and Analysis, 10(1): 156 – 179. [

Donkor-Hyiaman, K.A. and Owusu-Manu, D. (2016). Another Look at Housing Financing in Africa: The Anatomy of Pension Asset-Backed Housing Finance. International Journal of Housing Markets and Analysis, 9 (1): 20 – 46 []

Owusu-Manu, D., Edwards, D.J., Badu, E., Donkor-Hyiaman, K.A. and Love, P.E.D. (2015). Real Estate Infrastructure Financing in Ghana: Sources and Constraints. Habitat International, 50: 35 - 41. []

Badu, E., Owusu-Manu, D., Donkor-Hyiaman, K.A., Conway, C. and Edwards, D.J. (2015). Innovative Financing Mechanisms for Delivering Sanitation Infrastructure. Mindanao Journal of Science and Technology, 13: 238 - 258. []

Owusu-Manu, D., Donkor-Hyiaman, K.A., Edwards, D.J., and Blackhurst, K. (2015). The Relative Importance of Mortgage Pricing Determinants in Mortgage Affordability in Ghana: An Ex Post Attribution. Journal of Engineering, Design and Technology, 14 (2). []

Owusu-Manu, D., Afrane, S.K. and Donkor-Hyiaman, K.A. (2014). Towards Developing Trade Credit Policies in the Ghanaian Construction Industry: An Analysis of Constraints. Journal of Economics and Sustainable Development, 5 (8): 166 – 180 []

Afrane, S. K., Owusu-Manu, D., Donkor-Hyiaman, K.A. and Bondinuba, F.K. (2014). Towards Innovative Housing Financing in Ghana: An Evidence-Based from South Africa’s Pension Housing Financing System. Public Policy and Administration Research, 4 (4), 97 – 110. []




On-going Research
· The role of social capital in land acquisition and development in Ghana.
· Patriarchy, social capital and the development of women's land rights in Northern Ghana.
· Environmental degradation, food insecurity and the emergence of environmental refugees in North-East Ghana.


Bugri, J. T. (2008) The dynamics of tenure security, agricultural production and environmental degradation in Africa: Evidence from stakeholders in north-east Ghana,
Land Use Policy, Vol. 25, No. 2, pp271-285.

Bugri, J. T., Glaves, P. M. And Ridgway, R. B. (2008)
Property rights and sustainable development in sub-Saharan Africa: A case study of northeast
Ghana, Real Estate and Development Economics Research Journal, Vol. 1, Issue 1, pp46-76.

Bugri, J. T. (2008) Integrating customary and statutory land tenure practices for sustainable land use and management in north-east Ghana, Journal of Ghana Institution of
Surveyors, Vol. 1 No. 2, pp22-40.

Bugri, J. T. (2008) An analysis of rural-urban differences in stakeholders' perceptions and attitudes towards some tenurial, agricultural and environmental issues in north-east
Ghana, World Association on Sustainable Development Conference Proceedings (WASD 08), Vol. 5, No. 1, pp217-224.


On-going Research
· Maintenance culture in institutional housing in Ghana.


On-going Research
· Women and land access and ownership among the Nankani in northern Ghana.
· Sharing of land revenues in the Frafra area of Northern Ghana: Who are the beneficiaries?


On-going Research
· Assessing illumination levels in schools in the Kumasi Metropolis.
· Maintenance culture in institutional housing in Ghana (with E.P. Tudzi).


On-going Research
· State/Government role in slum redevelopment: a case study of Sabon Zongo, Accra
(Manuscript submitted to The Integrator, A multi-disciplinary Journal).
· The development of house price index for the major cities in Ghana (Accra, Kumasi and Takoradi).
· The implications of the Home Mortgage Law (Act 770) 2008 on housing finance in Ghana.
· An assessment of the residential mortgage market in Ghana (Manuscript submitted to
the Journal of Business and Estate Management Research)
· Can condominium development remedy the housing problem in Ghana? (Manuscript submitted to the Journal of Business and Estate Management Research).