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Corporate Real Estate Management and Bank Profitability

Mon 15 Nov 2021
Kenneth i

Acquiring property for any business is capital intensive and for that matter, strategically managing such assets is considered equally important. This paper provides an analysis of the value-adding attributes of corporate real estate management (CREM) and bank performance in Ghana. The multiple regression method was applied to a cross-section of both primary and secondary data sourced from 25 commercial banks in Ghana. The study shows that the banks identify with the value-adding attributes of corporate real estate asset management even though there are variations in the level of importance to individual banks. These variations are attributable to the unique mandates of the banks. Further analysis shows that CREM has significantly positive impacts on bank profitability by strategies that help to increase innovations, increase productivity, and promote marketing and sales. The finding suggests that optimizing these CREM strategies could help increase bank profits.


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